May 28, 2023

Simulated Erk: X-Plane 10

Welcome To Simulated Erk: X-Plane 10!

Welcome to Simulated Erk! After an extensive audio podcasting career, Erk has moved into gaming and creating gaming video. By day job, Erk is a train driver based in Sydney, Australia. He has had some previous law enforcement experience but not with a police service and dispatch experience with 2 different government organisations.

What Games Will You Find Here?

As the name may suggest, you will find a range of simulated games. All of these games are PC based using the Steam system. All games are not modified except for GTA V which is modified into LSPDFR. A full list of games can be found in the sidebar. There is a range of simulation games based on Erk’s interest including train and bus driving, among others. This page is specifically about X-Plane 10.


What Is X-Plane 10?

X-Plane 10 is a plane simulator. Erk plays this game on PC using the Steam system. Erk uses a Logitech Flight Stick to fly the plane. This game is not for casual players. Flying can be done with mouse & keyboard. X-Plane 10 has many airports and real life planes to choose from. 

Real Life Flying Experience?

In a previous life, Erk has limited flying experience in the front seat of the plane on introduction flight. He has about 5 hours of simulated flying time on B737 planes & 1 hour in an A320 simulator.



What Other X-Plane 10 Pilots Should I Be Watching?

In one word – SQUIRREL! Erk’s not talking about an animal that randomly crosses the road and makes you decide to brake or swerve. Squirrel’s videos are a must watch but especially if you want to play these games yourself. The video below gives you a great insight into this game.  [Squirrel’s YouTube Channel]. There will be more links here soon as Erk gets used to flying in this game.