June 11, 2023

Simulated Erk: World Of Subways 3 (London Underground)


Welcome To Simulated Erk: World Of Subways 3!

Welcome to Simulated Erk! After an extensive audio podcasting career, Erk has moved into gaming and creating gaming video. By day job, Erk is a train driver based in Sydney, Australia. He has had some previous law enforcement experience but not with a police service and dispatch experience with 2 different government organisations.

What Games Will You Find Here?

As the name may suggest, you will find a range of simulated games. All of these games are PC based using the Steam system. All games are not modified except for GTA V which is modified into LSPDFR. A full list of games can be found in the sidebar. There is a range of simulation games based on Erk’s interest including train and bus driving, among others. This page is specifically about World Of Subways 3.


What Is World Of Subways 3?

The name suggests nothing to the average viewer outside of America but add the name of the railway – in this London Underground – and you get the idea. Based on the Circle Line of London Underground, this simulator is very detailed. Realistic train models are used. This game makes Train Simulator 2017 look like a cartoon. Thankfully, everything is in English, unlike OMSI2.

Real Life Train Driving Experience?

Lots. Erk has been a real life suburban train driver for over 11 years.