June 11, 2023

Simulated Erk: Truck Simulators


Welcome to Simulated Erk! After an extensive audio podcasting career, Erk has moved into gaming and creating gaming video. By day job, Erk is a train driver based in Sydney, Australia. As the name may suggest, you will find a range of simulated games. All of these games are PC based using the Steam system. All games are not modified except for GTA V which is modified into LSPDFR. A full list of games can be found in the sidebar with links to recent episodes below. There is a range of simulation games based on Erk’s interest including train and bus driving, among others. Most games are purchased and downloaded via the Steam game distribution system – only exception is Forza Horizon 3. Some games have additional downloadable content (DLC) that is either from the game company (for example Train Simulator 2017 – additional cost) or by the game community. Some games have morphed into another game entirely due to modifications – Grand Theft Auto V has become LSPDFR for people who want to play GTA as the good guys (police, emergency services).


This section features various bus & truck simulators. Included are Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator.