May 28, 2023

Simulated Erk: Emergency Services Role Plays


Welcome to Simulated Erk! After an extensive audio podcasting career, Erk has moved into gaming and creating gaming video. By day job, Erk is a train driver based in Sydney, Australia. As the name may suggest, you will find a range of simulated games. All of these games are PC based using the Steam system. All games are not modified except for GTA V which is modified into LSPDFR. A full list of games can be found in the sidebar with links to recent episodes below. There is a range of simulation games based on Erk’s interest including train and bus driving, among others. Most games are purchased and downloaded via the Steam game distribution system – only exception is Forza Horizon 3. Some games have additional downloadable content (DLC) that is either from the game company (for example Train Simulator 2017 – additional cost) or by the game community. Some games have morphed into another game entirely due to modifications – Grand Theft Auto V has become LSPDFR for people who want to play GTA as the good guys (police, emergency services).


This page features emergency services role plays. Currently, the only role playing game in this category that Erk plays is LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) which morphed from Grand Theft Auto V. 


Latest Simulated Erk Episodes


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