Simulated Erk: Train Simulator episode 25 | Top Notch Chengdu Speed Challenge, Light Engine

Welcome to Simulated Erk: Train Simulator episode 25. This episode can help answer a question which train drivers are often asked “How fast can your train go?”. This is a Simulated Erk version of Top Gear’s speed challenge where a variety of cars are driven around a track by the same period. This is the Top Notch Chengdu Speed Challenge for locomotives. In various places, this could be described as Light Engine, Engine Only, Engine Alone among other names.


To answer this question for Train Simulator 2017, Simulated Erk heads to China. The challenge area is between Chengdu & LongShen (60.85km, max track speed 350kph) on dedicated high speed track. Various locomotives from Erk’s collection are featured – some of these locomotives have not been featured so far on Simulated Erk: Train Simulator 2017. They are driven the same way from Chengdu until they can’t go any faster. 

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