Simulated Erk features several series of episodes based on a variety of games which include role playing as various members of emergency services. Note that these episodes are for entertainment only & do not reflect the practices of any real life emergency service.


This video provides an overview of the various games featured in this section. More information can be found below.




Grand Theft Auto V (LSPDFR)

Grand Theft Auto V is aimed at lawlessness. The aim of the game is to commit crime. So how is this a game suitable for law enforcement role plays? It isn’t. A modification called Los Santos Police Department First Response (LSPDFR) enables the player to play in the role of emergency services, primarily law enforcement. There are a series of modifications which allow players a lot of role playing opportunities.


Simulated Erk uses LSPDFR in 4 different series including Simulated Erk: LSPDFR, Simulated Erk: Los Santos Emergency, Simulated Erk: Los Santos Emergency Down Under & Simulated Erk: Los Santos Emergency UK.


  • Base game: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Game publishers: Rockstar Games
  • Mods available: Yes
  • Mods used: Yes [Mod list]
  • Modified to become: LSPDFR
  • Online distribution: Steam


Autobahn Police Simulator 2










Autobahn Police Simulator 2 is a German police simulator. Based on the German motorway systems, it is your job to enforce the rules of the road. There are a series of missions that you can work through or role play in free play.


  • Base game: Autobahn Police Simulator 2
  • Game publishers: Aerosoft
  • Mods available: No
  • Online distribution: Steam




EmergNYC is a game that is under development. Based in New York City, the player can role play as a firefighter. Eventually, it is planned that the player can also play as a police officer and a paramedic. This game is pre-Alpha.


  • Base game: EmergNYC
  • Game publishers: Flipswitch Games
  • Mods available: No
  • Online distribution: Steam