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Simulated Erk: Sportsball episode 6 | Ashes Cricket

Simulated Erk: Sportsball episode 6 features the mens T20 Battle Of Sydney as Simulated Erk’s Sydney Thunder (green) plays Sydney 6ers (pink) on Ashes Cricket. The stadium in the game is a custom stadium built by Erk in game. Both teams have been downloaded from the Ashes Cricket online community.

Simulated Erk

Simulated Erk: Train Sim World episode 7 | New York, Second Look

Simulated Erk has his initial operating experience on Train Sim World’s latest addition, TSW: NEC (North East Corridor). Simulated Erk is going to see his simulated shift manager! There is an assumption that you are already a qualified Train Sim World driver.  


Simulated Erk: Forza Horizon 3 – Episode 1

Welcome to Simulated Erk: Forza Horizon 3 episode 1. This game & franchise is new to Erk but appeals because it is set in Australia with Australian cars available without 50 million modifications needed as in LSPDFR. This is the first episode captured and recorded with a new capture device. This episode is set in Byron Bay which is on the far north coast of NSW. [read more]