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Simulated Erk

Simulated Erk: iRacing episode 2 | Daytona, Oval | Testing | V8 Supercar

Welcome to Simulated Erk: iRacing episode 2 from Daytona (oval track). Casual NASCAR fans & gamers of a certain age may remember the Daytona 500 arcade game. But this is the new (to Erk, anyway) iRacing simulator. This is a testing session recorded one day after downloading the game. The episode starts with driving a V8 Supercar followed by driving a 2013 NASCAR. There are clear differences between the two cars. [read more]

Simulated Erk

Simulated Erk: Sportsball episode 12 | FIFA 18

Simulated Erk’s simulated FIFA 18 career continues as he plays as the Western Sydney Wanderers against Melbourne Victory. There’s a big victory for one team…